#1 Best solution for Brand Visibility: Abstract Business Logo Design


“I almost lost the job but my brand logo design saved me.”


Joshua settled into his chair more comfortably and held the phone closer to his ear. He had been watching the commentary on a football match before his sister’s call came in. 


“What do you mean? What happened?”

 His sister was eating and talking in between mouthfuls, she always did this when she knew the conversation would be long. 

 “Do you remember the job I told you about?” 

 Joshua paused, his sister had gotten several job offers recently and it was hard to keep track. “Remind me, please.” 

 She swallowed the morsel in her mouth. “The fast-food chain that contracted me to do all their deliveries for them. The Manager asked me to come in for an interview today, but the person who sent the mail made a mistake. They sent it to someone else, another logistics brand that applied for the position. So, imagine my surprise when I got to their office and saw them discussing with a brand representative that wasn’t from me. 

 Joshua gulped down water from the open bottle beside him. He could imagine his sister’s face, and yes, she didn’t take surprises very well. “How did you resolve the issue? And how did your brand logo design help you?” 

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How Abstract Business Logo Design Help My Brand

 “Hold on. Why the rush?” 

 Joshua apologised and waited for her to finish. 

 “As I said, they sent the mail to me and a second logistics brand. The other brand got to the office before I did, and it looked like they had been discussing for a long time. I was asked to wait for ten minutes and shortly after, the representative of the other brand left. 

 I thought I had lost the job, but when the Manager of the pizza hut started discussing terms and conditions with me, I was relieved. After we finalised, I asked her why she decided to stick with me. Guess what she said.”

 Joshua didn’t like making guesses, and his sister knew. To her, it was a way to draw him into the conversation. He replied instead, “I don’t know, tell me.”

 He heard her drink her water. “She said the logo the other brand used was different from mine. This was what she said.

 “Working with brands has taught me that they don’t all give importance to certain aspects of branding. Take this brand for instance, they have a wonderful client base and are familiar with the area. But that is as far as they go. When I asked how they intend to reach out to more people, they didn’t have a ready answer. The brand doesn’t have a brand logo design, and that’s bad for business. If we’re to work with them, it will make it difficult for our audience to recognise our logistics arm. 

 I weighed my options; you have a brand logo design and are knowledgeable about working on the online space. That alone can make us visible, and easier for our target market to identify us. But I have a question, why did you choose an abstract logo?”” 

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Why Abstract Business Logo? - Key Reason

 the story continues......

Joshua knew they would ask her that question; seeing a brand use an abstract visual logo was not common. “How did you respond to that?” 


“Well, I just told her what you told me. You said although abstract logos were like symbols, they’re different from other logo types. It may be a symbol at first, but then, it transforms into something else. I think you called it an abstract visual. 


It was hard you know, coming up with an abstract visual to fully represent my logistics brand, but I had you. So, when you asked me to think through my choices carefully, I realised that logistics was a two-way delivery stream. Now, it’s easier to explain the story and purpose behind my brand logo design.


And when I finished explaining it to her, she told me, “congratulations, you have the contract.” “


Joshua wedged his phone between his shoulder and ear, and clapped his hands. “Congratulations, Sister, seems like getting the brand logo wasn’t a bad idea after all.”


“Not at all, it was the best decision ever. Thank you, Leads & Sales, you saw a problem I had and provided a solution to it. Now, I don’t have to worry so much about visibility or people not recognising my brand. And don’t worry, for anyone who needs a brand logo design, you can ask for one by sending a message here.”

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