Add My Business to Angie's List: How?

Finding it difficult to add your business to Angie's list? If yes, this article is for you. You can add your business to Angie's list by following the simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Get to Angie's List Business to get your "Claim Your Profile" form.
  • Step 2: Enter business details
  • Step 3: Claim your business
  • Step 4: Do the account setup

These steps will be comprehensively explained in detail.

Couple with the above steps we've made avaliable a video guide to help you get started on Angie's list today. 👉 Watch video 


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What is Angie's List?

Angi is an online business review platform for home improvement, allowing homeowners to view verified business ratings and reviews, compare companies, read DIY articles, and find qualified local home services professionals.

It includes air duct cleaning, woodworking, and other professional skills to help homeowners find a pro for any home repair, maintenance, or renovation tasks.

How Do I Get My Business on Angi?


Step 1: Get to Angie's List Business to get your "Claim Your Profile" form.

Visit Angie's List Business Center to create a profile.

Click on Claim your profile.

Angie's List Business


Step 2: Enter Business Details

Enter your business name and Zipcode to search for the business.

Angie's List Business


Step 3: Claim Your Business

Angie's List is a list of search results that can help you claim your business.Click on the select button to the left of the company name and select the business name. 

If you cannot find your business, try searching for it again or add it by clicking on Add Company. If not, go on the Angie'sList and seek help.

Angie's List Business


Step 4: Do the Account Setup

Account setup is the first step in Angie's list. After selecting an account, users will be prompted to set up their account on the list. If already registered, they can submit the account.


Why Should I List My Business?

A 2017 survey by BrightLocal found that 97% of consumers searched online for local businesses and 85% of them trusted online reviews as much as recommendations from personal contacts. 

Angi, a company with 5 million members, has the engagement among its members to potentially heighten consumer awareness of its business and even boost sales if they join the platform. 

This highlights the importance of online reviews during the sales funnel, as they provide customers with a sense of ownership over the business.

How Does Angi Prevent Fake Business Reviews?

Angi is an online platform that helps businesses protect their credibility from fake business reviews. It takes measures to ensure the authenticity of all reviews, including no anonymous feedback, members not giving truthful accounts of their experience, and algorithms that will flag suspicious reviews. 

Additionally, members can't review a business more than once every six months and cannot rate it or competing businesses.

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How Many Customers Does Angie's List Have?

Angie’s has over 7 million monthly users. With that, it can successfully raise the web exposure of your services company, produce leads, and bring in more customers. Angie's List, also known as Angi, is an internet resource that links customers with regional workers and house cleaners.


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