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There are many affiliate programs for beginners to choose from but the problem is which to go for and the commission for every product or service. Affiliate programs allow marketers to make commission anytime a client or shopper click on the link and make purchase. Apart from giving commission to marketers, these programs provide other services to their marketers.

 Many affiliate programs do not have the interest of the marketers at heart, many of them will promise higher commissions and payment but at the end of the day, they will go back on their promises. So, how will you know the best programs to work with as a beginner without behaving to go through the waste of time and loss of money.

Some of the best affiliate programs for beginners include:

 Amazon Associates


This is the most popular program available for all marketers, it has been in existence since 1996. It helps affiliate marketers to make money advertising products and services to millions of people who use the service of Amazon. You earn money or referral fees by sharing or posting any link that leads to a sale.

One good thing about Amazon is that many businesses are moving towards selling on the site every year, so there are high chances that you will be successful as an affiliate marketer on Amazon. The first step towards becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer is to sign up by clicking the sign up button on the Amazon page.

Depending on the product or service, the commission rate is usually between 1to 20 percent. You can choose to receive payment by direct deposit, Amazon gift card or check.

Learn more: Amazon Affiliate Program: Here is how it works to get started.



click bank ClickBank


ClickBank came into existence in 1998 nd has grown to a company that accept affiliate marketers of all types and niches. It can be used by both beginners and experts. Large number of affiliate marketers have started with this company and they have earned billions in commission by just promoting products on this website.

One of the reasons why ClickBank is recommended to all types of affiliate marketers including beginners is because there are varieties of products to promote and make money from. To become n affiliate marketer with ClickBank, you have to open an account with them, add your information including your payment information. The commission rate for this company is between 50% and 70%, on average. Your payment can be through wire transfer, Payoneer, direct deposit or check.


 eBay Partner Network

ebay Ebay


This company is one of the highest paying affiliate program. Other than the high commission, this company gives its affiliate marketers many tools that will help them to promote the products and get clients as soon as possible, so you have many methods nd tools at your disposal.

Note that when working with eBay, you are working directly with the company nd their products and not a third party. This is better as you have a relationship with eBay. Working directly with the company does not mean you have to shut out other affiliate programs as you are free to work with other merchants and earn more money.

 To work with eBay, you only have to apply. The payment method is either PayPal or direct deposit but you only use direct deposit if the affiliate supports your country.

 Commission Junction (CJ)

commission junction Comission Junction


Commission Junction (CJ) has about 500 companies registered under them, so you have many options as compared to other companies. The site also has advantages that will benefit the merchants more than most affiliate companies and programs. Commission Junction has been in existence for over 20 years and there has been no negative reviews about this program.

Commission Junction has many offers it promises to marketers and unlike some programs, these offers are fulfilled. Also, there are many niches you can venture. This affiliate program is a good one for beginners.


giddyup GiddyUp


GiddyUp is recommended for mostly beginners because the program gives them tools that will help them to sell their products and make commission. There are amore than 150 brands with many niches like travel, electronics, health and wellness, and more you can venture into. Being a GiddyUp affiliate marketer gives you exclusive to any of the businesses.

One feature of this affiliate program is the creative library available for marketers, this library can be useful when you are creating marketing campaigns. It also have real-time data and robust tracking features. These will help you to monitor your performance and progress.

For GiddyUp, there is no fixed commission rate. Your earnings depend on the product and referral type. Payment method include checks, automated clearing house and foreign bank transfer.


 FlexOffers Affiliate Program

flexoffer flexoffer


4his program may not be known like Amazon or eBay but they have amazing offers and lots of merchants for beginners and professionals. One drawback is that the program takes some part of your commission as referral fee. However, the amazing thing about this process is that beginners are opportuned to work with different big programs that they may not have been accepted them.

Working with FlexOffers means you will get your payment every week. Commission is not fixed but according to product being promoted. You can get your payment through check, PayPal, direct deposit or wire transfer.


Other recommended affiliate programs for beginners include:


 ShareASale Affiliate Program

 NordVPN Affiliate Program

 Bluehost Affiliate Program

 Awin Affiliate Program

 Semrush Affiliate Program

 Elementor Affiliate Program

 Shopify Affiliate Program

 LinkConnector Affiliate Program

 Fiverr Affiliate Program



Affiliate marketing gives cool cash and there are many programs available. However,, some of these programs are not favourable to beginners due to their requirements or policies. We have explained and listed some affiliate programs with their best reviews, you can try any of them out.

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