Best ways to promote your affiliate products and make sales

It is one thing to start selling affiliate programs but it another thing to earn commission, making money is not easy as the whole process requires a strategy. Not just any strategy but a well thought and detailed steps. Note that affiliate marketing requires you to refer people to buy their products or service while you earn commission for every successful transaction.

So, if you are new to affiliate marketing or does not know the basic strategies for promoting products, you may spend most of your time without making money. The strategies for promoting affiliate products may be quite tough but knowing everything about them will help you make more money.



 Blog posts


Blogs are read by your audience, they may be reviews about products you have used, insights, perspectives, experiences as a blogger or tools being used for creating contents. You can promote your affiliate products by adding links to your blogs especially if you are writing reviews, tools or insights.

You can promote these affiliate links by adding them directly as a backlink, using them as graphics through an outbound affiliate link or you add the link to your videos. If you are making blog posts and adding affiliate links as promotion, be sure to tell your audience what the product is about, the benefits you got from it and the benefits they should expect from using the products.

Another way of promoting your affiliate products through blogging is by writing reviews of products. Note that a review should introduce the product to your audience and try to convince them to purchase that product. Try to convince them of the benefits of the products, and other reviews from users. One thing you should know is that your reviews should be honest no matter how important it is for you to convince your audience to buy the product.

 Email list


Some affiliate marketers create an email list, this list is made up of people who love your contents and want to know what you are up to on your page. You can create an email list containing names of all your subscribers. If you want to use this strategy, there are two ways to go about it.

The first way to promote your affiliate products using email list is to write email with contents that will promote the links but not adding it in the email, it is like you doing a product launch or promote your new podcast. Another way is to include the link organically in the content you are sending to your subscribers. You can also decide to combine both methods in order to get better visibility.

Apart from giving you control over your audience, email list is a good way to market your affiliate links. You are sure of your subscribers getting the emails without being stopped by algorithms like some social media platforms do.



Podcast is just like an audio conversation with your audience, you are in charge of the conversation and they focus on what you are saying or recommending for them. This is one of the fastest way to promote affiliate links and products. You can make your podcast to be about the product, what you love about it and why you think your audience will love it as well.

However, this requires that you go into details about the product as the podcast is an audio format. You can even start by reviewing the product mad your experience while using it before you recommend it to your listeners.



Videos are considered the best way to promote your affiliate products and links, tis is because you can demonstrate how the product is used or how the service is applied. You can even include link to the affiliate programs in the video caption. Another way of using video is by embedding them in your emails.

YouTube is one of the fastest way to share your videos as you can share your screen or use screenshots to further demonstrate how to use the product

 Social media

social media

Social media is inarguably the most popular platform for promoting affiliate products, influencers use this marketing strategy when making their posts. You can use organic social posts to describe the product and reviews about it while you add a swipe-up link so your viewers or audience can easily buy them with your discount or code. According to Social Media Examiner, 2015, more than half of affiliate marketers who have been using social media platforms to promote their affiliate products have recorded significant sales.

You can also make weave these affiliate links and products into other posts so that your audience will not think your content is centered on promoting affiliate products. Create a balance between promotional posts you are publishing with non-promotional posts. You should know that using social media platforms needs you to be well knowledge and savvy.

 Paid ads

Some affiliate marketers pay some certain amount of money for the affiliate links and products to be published on website or blog or even on your social accounts, this gives your link much more visibility. Although this is effective, it requires learning and practice to monitor the running ads, you can also pay some company to manage the ads for you.

Also, if you are using paid ads, make sure the amount and investment is worth the amount. The investment should not be higher than the commission to be earned. Some of the trusted ads management platforms include Facebooks Ad Manager (Facebook and Instagram), Google Ads (websites) and TikTok Ads Manager (TikTok ads).



Affiliate products can gain lots of money for you if you promote the links very well. There are many ways of doing this although they may require much effort and consistency. Some of the easiest methods include social media platforms, blog posts and videos. 

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