Brand Logo Design for Startup Businesses: The Brand Tips

laundry logo brand design

“Just add water.” 


Tammy, my little brother, is doing his laundry, but his washing water has more suds than necessary. He turns his head to look at me, his eyes asking me what I meant. 


“Just add water, Tammy. Your clothes will not come out clean if you keep washing them this way. See, you don’t have enough water and you put in more detergent than was necessary.”


He isn’t having any of it. “But you run a laundry business, and this is how you wash.”


“That’s different, Tammy, when I put in enough detergent, I always leave the clothes to soak so I can remove the dirt effortlessly.”


He stands for a minute, giving me a glance that shows he isn’t happy with my interference. He grudgingly takes the half bucket of water beside him and turns a little amount into his washing. 


Tammy resumes his washing. “I have a question, and it’s related to business.”


“Alright, Sir, let’s hear your question.” 


What is brand logo design for startup businesses?

laundry logo mockup

“What’s brand logo design for startup businesses?” Suds escape his fingers and land on his face. He cleans them off with his shoulder. 


That’s not the question I was expecting, so I ask, “How are you learning about brand logos?” 


“We had a business-related class and our teacher kept talking about the importance of logos for branding and brand recognition. The class was interesting, but I didn’t understand everything she spoke about, and I decided I’ll ask you.”


“Well, I’m glad you asked. When you’re ready to run your business, you’ll put this knowledge about logos and branding to good use.


I’ll answer your question by asking you a simple question. You know there are two laundry brands in this environment, mine and Mr Titus’. How do you know the difference between the two of them?” 


“Mr Titus has his shop at the end of the road, and yours is closer to the houses. But besides that, I know the mark you use – there’s a shirt and something that looks like a drop of water.”


He doesn’t know he has answered the question he asked me. “See, you can recognize my brand outside because of that mark, and that mark is what we call a brand logo design. 


A brand logo design is a mark, symbol, or group of letters that help you differentiate a brand from another brand. For instance, you easily recognise Apple products not because you like them, but because of the bitten apple logo they use. That’s what a logo does for you; it helps your audience recognise your brand easily.”


Tammy has stopped washing at this point. “Why do people use symbols? Can’t all business owners use the name of their businesses for their logos?” 


Types of Brand Logo Designs For Startup businesses 


“That’s why we have numerous types of brand logo designs. Brands have different needs, and they design their logos to suit those needs. We have the letter mark logo, wordmark, combination mark, and symbols logos. There are more logo types, but I’ll explain these to you. 

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When It Besto Use A Letter Mark Logo For Your Startup Business

  • If your business name is long, or you have more than two words in your brand name, the letter mark logo is a great choice. All you need to do is shorten your brand name by using the initials of each word. That way, your audience easily remembers your business name and identifies your logo when they see it. 


  • What makes a wordmark logo is the stylised letters of the brand name it features. Stylise means to style your brand name in different writings, and you can do that first before you hire a graphic designer. Write your business name on a piece of paper and rewrite it with different font styles until you get the one you want. 


  • Like the name, a combination mark logo combines words and graphics to form logos. Sometimes, people recognise components of combination logos when they appear separately. Let’s use the Pepsi logo as an instance; it has a letter and a graphic component, and both are not hard to recognise. You know Pepsi when you see the logo with the red, white and blue colours. The letter component already uses the name of the brand, which makes it simpler. 


Symbol logos, or pictorial logos, use graphics to represent the brand. These graphics could be icons or shapes, and examples are Apple’s bitten apple, the bird Twitter uses, and the shell that represents Shell. 


Any other questions?

“Is your brand logo a combination mark logo? Also, who do I meet if I want to design a logo for my brand?”

laundry logo

“My logo is a combination mark logo, which is why you can tell it’s mine when you see only the symbol you remember. Leads & Sales designed my logo, and they will redesign it if there’s a need for me to do that. That’s how much I trust them with my branding.”

Send a message to Leads & Sales Brand Team, and make enquiries for samples of combination mark logo designs for your fashion business. 

Full Logo Branding

  • All logo formats (png, jpg, eps, ai)
  • Logo mock-ups
  • Flexible logo which can be used as icon
  • T-shirt branding
  • Business card designs
  • Letterhead designs
  • Cap branding
  • Brand guideline (contain colour codes, typography, logo variations etc)

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