Few Ultimate Things To know About A Business Logo Design for a Tech Startup

Have you ever seen a logo and you could easily figure outhe niche and sort of business it for? Then, such a logo has hithe mark. What mark? I guess is what you will be learning as you read on.

Some wordmark Business logo designs

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Let’s do a test. 

Can you think of the word “logo?” 

Stop reading this article for 30 seconds and just focus on that word. 

Have you done that? Now, let’s continue. 

What do you think of when you hear the word “logo?” Do you think of a visual image that has symbols, fancy fonts, or both, and is used to differentiate a brand? Like the image that appears in your mind when you think of Jeff Bezos and Apple, or Bill Gates and Microsoft? If that’s what you think, then you’re correct. 

I designed a business logo for my brand and it helped me win a grant I applied for. If the other applicants knew, maybe they would have come prepared with their business logo brand designs.

My name is George, and I have a tech startup brand that helps small businesses customize emails, build websites, design logos, and do other tech-related tasks. 


My brand’s name is Webiccle, and I use a wordmark logo for my brand. As brand owners, we ought to know that it isn’t ideal to lose great opportunities because we don’t have logos. So, here are a few things to know about a business logo design for a tech startup. 


#1. Your Logos Sould Be Easily Recognisable/Understood

Once people see your logo a few times with clear interpretations, they begin to recognise it immediately. That’s the visibility a logo brings to your tech startup brand; it puts your brand in the heart of your audience. Logos fully interpret your brand message to your audience, and although you hire a graphic designer to create one, they’ll need your input. When you design your logo with your brand identity in mind, it promotes loyalty and familiarity among your clients. 

However, here are three notions that people wrongly believe about logos. 

  • A logo is not a selling strategy. A logo might be a good way to sell your brand to people, but having it is not a guarantee that people will buy from you. The sole purpose of a logo is to differentiate your brand from your competitors and to show your target market where to go when they need the services you offer.
  • A logo is not your brand. People now mistake logos for brands because of how important logos are now, but that’s not the case. A logo is not your brand, it only helps people remember you and your business.
  • A logo has to represent what your brand does. That’s not true. Here’s a question for you; can you tell how much a country makes from its flag? If you can’t, then your logo doesn’t need to tell people what your brand does. Your logo is only a means of identification, don’t forget that. 

Now that you know all of this, I want you to remember that I mentioned a wordmark logo at the beginning. Let’s look into that. 

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webiccle-logo-mockup webiccle-cap


Wordmark: #1 Business Logo Design Best Fit For A Tech Startup


Research shows that people use wordmark logos frequently, and they feature in almost all the logo combinations you can think of. My logo features my brand name in stylised fonts, and that is all it takes for your logo to be a wordmark. Let me break it down. 

While I thought of how to design a logo for my brand, I opted for a simple approach. I took a pen and paper and wrote out the name, and what I did next was to write it in different styles. I tried the Sans Serif, Times New Roman, and cursive, even though my cursive is nothing to write home about. When I finally found a style I liked, I opened my laptop, moved things around, and came up with a business logo design that won me millions. You can do that too. At least, you can style a wordmark logo with a pen on paper before you bring a designer into the picture. 

Here are some tips I recommend you try. 

  • Surf the internet and see what other wordmark logos look like. 
  • Get pens in different colours and lots of paper. 
  • Write out your brand name in your regular writing. 
  • Work it out; use shapes, curvier lines, and longer strokes. Find what works for you and use it. 
  • Once you sort out the first part, call in a designer to bring the design to life. 


Are Logos Overrated? 


Logos are not overrated, and you need them if you need more people to recognize your brand. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new brand trying to be established, or an established brand trying to be traditional, you need a logo. From wordmark logos to lettermarks, Lead & Sales Team has designed logos for several brands that have helped them gain visibility online. Your brand shouldn’t be left out; get started by sending a message here for:

Full Logo Branding

  • All logo formats (png, jpg, eps, ai)
  • Logo mock-ups
  • Flexible logo which can be used as icon
  • T-shirt branding
  • Business card designs
  • Letterhead designs
  • Cap branding
  • Brand guideline (contain colour codes, typography, logo variations etc)

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