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Owning a business is one thing, having a website for the business is another and most startups or small businesses consider it as taking an extra step that is costly or difficult to accomplish. This is one of the key most alarming problems Google My Business (GMB) has recently offered remedies for, to solve both the issues of finding it difficult to have someone build a website for your business or do it yourself.

At your journey in this informative guide you will successfully end up building a website for your business. Sure!

With that being said let jump into:

What is Google My Business?

GMB, sometimes referred to as Google My Business, is a free online platform that aims to increase local businesses' visibility on Google Search for pertinent local queries. By using Google My Business, local business owners can manage and enhance their presence on Google Search and by that making their business stand out from the competition among close competitors.


Why Google My Business

It the dream of every business to be succesful, not just a successful one but more successful and with GMB this is 100% possible. GMB prioritizes to present local business the opportunities in having more clients to see and interact with their business and to take up more space online, especially on Google Search.


  • Google My Business can increase foot traffic for a company's various branches. By this we mean increasing physical visits of customers or traffic to a business' physical location and ultimately leading to sales.
  • While GMB is primarily designed for local businesses, it can also assist other kinds of businesses in a special way.
  • The sole prerequisite for employing GMB is to improve the occasional engagement in face-to-face business with clients; in other words, you cannot run your business entirely online.


Is Google My Business free?

The best thing about GMB is that using it is totally free. But, there can be extra fees for actions like confirming your business listing, taking expert photographs, or running Google ads. However, the fundamentals of GMB which is the listing and management services are free.


Benefits of Google My Business to local businesses.


  1. Visibility and Locational search results on Google:

Making a Google My Business listing is in order to set up your firmness or awareness and as well as online visibility. You must have known or need to know how Google's algorithms works, and in brief summary, the algorithm have been created to consider user intent as search queries become more locally targeted.

You've probably searched for "places to eat near me" on Google at some point. If so, you'll see that Google will return a list of restaurants based on your current location. The restaurant that have appeared in response to your search query all have a GMB page, putting them one step closer to winning on Google search.

These restaurants would not have appeared if they lacked a GMB page. Consider this in the context of your business, regardless of the goods or services you may be offering. What advantages can local searches bring to your business, and what opportunities might you be passing up without one?



  • Because Google frequently updates its algorithms, you must consistently optimize your Google Business Profile if you want to be seen in local search.

 2. Automatically Having Your Business Physical Address and Location Registered on Google Map:

While a quick Google search can be useful for reducing options, 86% of people use Google Maps to find local businesses. This is especially true for customers using mobile devices. You're more likely to close that transaction when it's more convenient for clients to visit your business if they discover you nearby.

Also, shoppers are up to 50% more likely to make a purchase after finding a brand through its Google My Business listing. Your store location will start to show up for local searches in Maps by simply creating a Google My Business listing and completing the verification processes.

It easier for customers to reach you when they can locate your business on Google Maps. Your business will be easier to find and more appealing to customers if you have your address listed properly on Google maps and this may result in more customers purchasing from you.

On a desktop or PC, Google My Business listings may be found on the left side of Google Maps and highlight the vital details that will encourage visitors to visit you right away.

3. Having a free website with no payment for hosting and domain:

For small enterprises, Google offers a free single-page website builder.


Google My Business allows anyone with a Google Business Profile to quickly develop and edit webpages for desktop or mobile use.

You must have a complete listing in order to use Google's website builder, which is an extension of Google Business Profile. There is a video guide below that shows on how to get your Google Business Profile setup professionally and rightly done.

When claiming your Google Business Profile for the first time, you'll have the choice to build and publish an automatically generated website. Google will invite you to construct an accompanying website as soon as you claim your profile. You can purchase a custom domain from the Settings menu in your account if you'd like a more shareable URL. Google will instantly associate your website with the domain you bought. 

When prompted, click "Purchase Domain" to publish your website and buy a custom domain for the website you created using your Google Business Profile (or from the Settings menu in your account).

After that, you can do a domain name search and buy one.

There are no fees involved with utilizing Google's website builder if you decide not to buy a custom domain. Whether the website has a custom domain or not, hosting is free.

Once your site has been published, updating it is as easy as changing your Google Business Profile. Your website will automatically reflect changes made to your business listing.


  • Free Google websites are attractive and offer a variety of modern themes, despite being cost-free.
  • Everyone, including amateurs, can use Google's website builder. A free Google website doesn't require technical knowledge and doesn't require significant backups. You can pretty much do anything from there with the exception of minor customizing.


Google My Business(GMB) Best Alternatives: Profreehosting or Google Sites

Due to GMB design limitations, Google's website builder is deficient in many functionality that you would find in a more capable content management system. Yet it's the price you pay for using a free, straightforward application that also offers free hosting. Although it isn't a perfect solution, it is undoubtedly preferable than having no website at all.

However, you can build and do more using Profreehosting or Google Sites. Watch the videos below to know how to build free websites using the aforementioned.

How To Create A Free Website Using Profreehost (Free Domain & Hosting)


How To Create Website in Google Sites for Free



How to Register on Google My Business(GMB) to get your free website:

Customers can find you online thanks to Google's free website builder, which is a part of Google My Business.


If you haven't already, here's are some video guide on how to achieve that.

Google Business Profile Set Up



How to Create a Google My Business Website (for free)



You’re ready to start building your free Google website!



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