Maximise Your Business Website’s Potential with the Best Free Web Analytics Tool

Web analytics tool is a critical component of digital marketing, but it can be overwhelming to navigate all the data and metrics available.

Are you struggling to understand how your website is performing and what your users are doing on it? If so, you’re not alone. 

When it easy to use, that makes it unique, and when it solves the intended task designed for, that makes ithe rightool. That is Easy analytics. It makes the big difference from others; Free, Doable, Simple, and Unique.

There are many good web analytics tools like Ahrefs and semrush. The issue with these tools is that to access all these important analytics you need to pay for a premium plan, and with a second thought, the price may not be affordable to a medium blogger.

That’s why we created a new FREE web analytics tool that simplifies the process and provides valuable insights into website performance – Monidexz’s easy analytics tool.

👉 A complete checklist/guide on how to use this free web analytics tool (Easy Analytics) to it fullest. 

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what a web analytics tool is and how it works


A web analytics tool is a software program that collects and analyzes data about website visitors, their behaviour, and their interactions with the website. The primary goal of web analytics is to help website owners make data-driven decisions that improve the website’s performance, user experience, and conversion rates.

Web analytics tools work by tracking user interactions with a website, including pageviews, clicks, form submissions, and other events. The tool records this data and presents it in the form of reports and dashboards that website owners and marketers can use to gain insights into user behaviour.

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Primary Features Every good web Analytics tool should have

There are tons of features web analytic tools have, some are unnecessary to a new blogger or non-e-commerce site. But in general, there are the basic features every good website analytics tool should have. they are listed here below;

  1. Real-time and historical reporting: Web analytics tools provide both real-time and historical data on website traffic, user behaviour, and other key metrics.
  2. Audience insights: Web analytics tools help website owners understand their audience by providing demographic and geographic data, as well as information on devices, browsers, and other characteristics.
  3. Acquisition and referral tracking: Web analytics tools allow website owners to track where their visitors come from, including search engines, social media, and other referral sources.
  4. Conversion tracking: Web analytics tools enable website owners to track conversion events, such as form submissions, sales, and other actions that lead to business goals.
  5. Real-time traffic tracking: This lets you see current users on your site. Can be in the last 5 to 30 minutes.

These features make you have an understanding of your site better. They allow you to know which aspects of your site are underperforming and which kinds of audiences are attracted to your site. Premium tools know the importance of these features and put them in a costly paid plan. You must have experienced frustration. The Monidexz analytics tool solves all those problems. This tool created by us even has premium features like replays and… given for FREE!

For you Mobile Devices in Digital Marketing. Efficiency and Ease

Quick Overview/Features of Monidexz Free Web Analytics Tool


1. Clean User-friendly Interface and dashboard

Shows an at-the-glance summary of your traffic and sessions. Here, you can see the top pages driving traffic to your site. You also see which of your referrers (external domains bringing traffic to your site) attract the most traffic to you. The tool is very versatile as it will show you quick demographics of your website visitors. List of countries you get the audience from, and what kinds of language, browser and device were used. This will help you know which parts of your site need a more mobile-friendly design.

2. Ability to set Goals

Goals help you keep track of conversions or custom events, like button clicks, form submissions, add to carts, clicks to a specific page etc. This can help you know if a campaign like email campaigns and ad campaigns is working out well for you. Our tool lets you set this up easily. Read down for step-by-step guides on how to do this.

3. Checking Realtime Traffic

Real-time analytics of users on your site in the past 5 minutes. This can be useful for whatever analysis you want to do. It is self-refreshable so you don’t have to be clicking every 5 minutes.

4. Visitor Analytics

Visitor analytics shows you the average duration of users on your site. It shows the country, type of device, number of sessions for a particular user and when the user was last active on the site.

5. Export required data to a spreadsheet

With this tool, you can export as many statistics as you want. With a single click, you can access and analyse your insights online and offline.

Free Advanced features of Monidexz web analytics tool


6. Heatmaps Monitoring

You can create heatmaps for pages and sections of your website to check the gravity of user activity in that particular section of your site.

7. User Activity Video Replays

With replays, you can watch each user activity on your site as videos. You can manually delete replays although they expire on their own in 30 days. Use the information you get from this section to make observations on people’s activity on your site. You can see where a user paused to read in-depth or view a call to action.

8. Ability to add more than 1 website  and a team (FOR FREE)

With our free analytics software, what any other free software won’t do for you is allow you to add multiple websites and team members to a project for free.

9. API Integration

Even as free as this Free Web Analytics Tool is, it enables API integration to all users.

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