Minimalist Logo Brand Design For Fashion Business (A Game Changer)


No logo, no brand. And frankly, this is the primary reason you need a business logo design for your startup brand identity be it cake business or watever. You need a LOGO. As a fashion designer, with career objective of going super global with your creativity and innovation. It also super importanto get a logo craft with an insight that speaks better for what you do and what you are.


How I Ended Up Crafting A Brand Logo Design for my Sister’s Fashion Business


“My brand is non-existent because I don’t have a logo.” ☝️

That was the message my sister sent to me a few days ago, and I had to tell her some things about brand logo design for fashion businesses. As a graphic designer, I understand the benefits a logo brings to a business, and I always advise people to go for one. Including my sister. But she didn’t listen, and now, she’s in my DM. 

She finally agreed to get a minimalist logo done for her brand, and this was how I convinced her. 

I was watching House of Dragons in my room one day when my sister barged in. 

“What’s a minimalist logo?” She asked, crawling into the bed space next to me.

I hit the pause button and gave her my attention. My sister was a fashion designer, quite an artist, and she had a curious mind. It didn’t help that I was always the person she ran to whenever she had questions like this. 

“Have you checked Google?” I asked her. Did I mention that she had a functional phone and was a beneficiary of all my data plans? 

“There’s no reason for that; you’re my search engine. Besides, you’re a graphic designer.” She gave me a weird smile, and I knew this was going to be quite the talk. I wasn’t in the mood for a lecture, but designing was something I could do in my sleep, so I indulged her. 


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“Have You Heard About Business Logo Brand Design?” 


“First of all, have you heard about business logo brand design? If you have, we can start from there.”

“Yes, I have. I eavesdropped on your conversation with your clients some nights ago. You said it is a means of identification and then you said something about it being a part of someone’s brand. That was all I heard.”

“You’re not wrong. A business logo design is an emblem, symbol or design you use to differentiate your brand from others. Let’s use Ferrari and Lamborghini as an instance. They’re both cars, but you can differentiate them by their symbols – Ferrari uses a prancing horse and Lamborghini uses a bull. This symbol makes it easy for consumers to identify their preferred brands, and that’s what a logo design will do for your fashion brand. It will give you a business identity.” 

“I already have an identity. I design outfits for my friends, and the fashion house I told you about has agreed to exhibit my designs. What other business identity are you talking about?” 

“And that is the right step in the right direction. But what’s your next move? What will your audience see and say, “yes, this design belongs to Fashion Plus?” Having a startup brand identity is different from a fashion retail business brand identity. If you want to do business better, you should aim for the big fish, and a minimalist logo is what I recommend for you; that’s the game changer.”

How is it the game changer? I apologise for badgering you with questions, but you’re my brother and you love me.”

“And I won’t proceed without a consultation fee,” I said. 

“Alright, fine. I’ll make the shirt you want, and in addition, I’ll tell Stella that you’re a fan of hers.”

“Finally! Let’s proceed.” 

fashion-plus-polo-invert fashion-plus-polo


How Does A Minimalist Logo Become A Game Changer? 


“”Less is more;” that is how a minimalist logo works. A minimalist logo might look too simple, but it is not simplistic. It does not need unnecessary designs, shapes, and colours to give your logo a polished, professional look. That notwithstanding, a minimalist logo draws strength from an effective design, which also imprints itself in the minds of your audience.”

“A minimalist logo is best designed with simple but stylish shapes and basic and classy colours. This way, you can use them on business cards or billboards whenever the need arises. Another benefit of a minimalist logo design is that it represents your brand anywhere, and saves you the headache of redesigning to fit different occasions.

In other words, your brand visibility increases when people recognise it, and that translates to more business for you. For that to happen, you need a professional, easy-to-remember logo design. Should I give you three other reasons why a minimalist logo is beneficial for your brand?”

“I can see you’re enjoying this. But yes, tell me please.” 

“Printing a minimalist logo is cheap, its quality does not reduce if it shows up on any screen, and you can beautify it with colours if you have a theme you want to focus on. And now, can you leave, because that’s all I’m going to tell you.”

“I have one final question.”

I groaned. 

“What is it?”

“Can you design one for me? I know you love me, and that you’ll do anything for me, that’s why I’m asking for a logo.”

I laughed and shook my head, “fine, let’s look at some samples together.”

Minimalist Logo fashion-plus-jpg-logo Minimalist Logo fashion-plus-mockup fashion-plus-Minimalist Logo
fashion-plus-cap-Minimalist Logo car-branding-Minimalist Logo fashion-plus-polo-invert


Ready for your Minimalistic Design? 


It’s impractical to downplay the wonders that a logo can do for your brand identity and visibility. Although having a logo design is only one step in branding your business, it is a step in the right direction. Send a message to Leads & Sales Brand Team, and make enquiries for samples of minimalistic logo designs for your fashion business. 

Full Logo Branding

  • All logo formats (png, jpg, eps, ai)
  • Logo mock-ups
  • Flexible logo which can be used as icon
  • T-shirt branding
  • Business card designs
  • Letterhead designs
  • Cap branding
  • Brand guideline (contain colour codes, typography, logo variations etc)

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