Top affiliate marketers and how they make their money

Many people think affiliate marketing is not as lucrative as advertised or we are made to believe. Well, the truth remains that affiliate marketing is like an untapped goldmine with space for anyone to get resources from. The fear many people have is about the risk of not making sales or not getting clients to click on the links and making enough money.

However, there are many people who are successful in the affiliate marketing world, they have made names for themselves and are regarded as "Top affiliate marketers". These people did not get to this stage merely by wishing to be, they invested many years of their efforts and consistency including constant practice. Let us get to know some of these successful affiliate marketers.

 Pat Flynn

pat Pat Flynn


Pat is one of the best and top affiliate marketer you can come across, he started in 2008 after he was relieved from his job. He started as a blogger before he monetized his website. He employed the service of Google AdSense and with time, he started making money as many people begin to click on the links attached wit his websites. When he discovered he could make money by getting people to click links on his website, he introduced an ebook and made commission. He worked on his website for a year and half and he realized $8000 through affiliate marketing. In 2013, the money increased to $50000.

Today, the total money he has made is too much and he has made a name for himself in the affiliate marketing world. According to him, he has another means of getting money but 80 percent of his income cokes from affiliate marketing. According to Pat's mantra, being successful in affiliate marketing world requires you to get contents that will keep your audience focused, do not bore your audience with noise. Pat on his blog does not focus only on sharing links but other business contents. This drew many people to his blog and podcasts.

 Finch Sells

finch sell image Finch Sells


Finch Sells or so known by his real name - Martin Osborn is a school dropout who has made a name for himself in affiliate marketing. He has his own company - Finch Media Ltd where he works with many affiliate brands and companies to increase their conversion funnels. He also has a blog that has been in existence for 8 years dedicated to affiliate marketing.

Finch Sells started his channel when he was 14 and when he was 16, he has started making money from it. He started affiliate marketing with ClickBank and when he discovered CPA marketing, his earnings increased. Currently, he makes his money by selling his Ultimate Premium Package for $119.95, he makes commission through this link.

He encourages affiliate marketers to build their sites, create contents for clients and get contents for audience. Affiliate marketers who understands how affiliate, the advertiser, and the customer work or relate will succeed in the affiliate marketing world.

 Missy Ward

Missy Ward Missy Ward


If you think women especially stay at home cannot be successful in affiliate marketing, then you should learn from Missy Ward. She is a stay at home mom who has made her presence in affiliate marketing known. She has been an affiliate marketer for many companies until she co-founded Affiliate Summit Corporation with Shawn Collins in 2003. The company provides affiliate marketing services to solo entrepreneurs.

With time, she started managing conference for affiliate marketer for a company called Affiliate Force. With her idea rejected by the company, she self-funded herself and hosted a show. The show recorded 200 attendees and when the show was replicated in January, there were 5000 people in attendance.

To Missy Ward, affiliate marketing is not a platform for marketers to get rich in the shortest time, there is no easy way without adding your efforts. You have to approach affiliate programs, create your strategy and start promotion.


Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins image Shawn Collins


Shawn Collins co-founded Affiliate Summit Corporation with Missy Ward in 2003 but he has been a marketer for as long as 1997, this is like two decades of experience. Before going into affiliate marketing, Shawn worked for a publishing industry but the pay was not enough to sort out his bills. He left the job in 1997 to set up his first affiliate site. After sometime, he got a job as a marketer for a medical book company.

Shawn is known for using two major strategies - Google AdWords and direct mail. He made a list based on domains that are placed first for a topic, he got the addresses of these domains from WHOIS.

One of the advice this successful affiliate marketer has for beginners is to find out what they are passionate about and follow it, he recommends blogging as the perfect way to kickstart your journey as an affiliate marketer. He also recommends time management and versatility in blogging.


Zac Johnson

zac Johnson Zac Johnson


This is another name you may get to hear about when you talk about successful affiliate marketers. Zac has been in the industry for over 22 years, he started off with Amazon Affiliate Program till he added WebSponsors and OnResponse to the list. He launched his own blog - in 2007, and slowly began to build his brand. After some time, he started affiliate product sales. According to Zac Johnson, he has made over $100000 every year just by promoting the product and service of other brands.

He used different strategies like building his own website, pay per click marketing and mail listing of over 2 million persons. One thing that kept Zac Johnson in the game is the boldness he has even in the face of failure especially as a young entrepreneur. He advised young and beginner affiliate marketers to put in hours of work and care less about failure.

Other top affiliate marketers include:

 Ian Fernando

 John Chow

 Kirsty McCubbin

 Andrew Payne



Affiliate marketing has produced many successful entrepreneurs, this list is just few out of the many affiliate marketers who have made names for themselves. You can learn from their mantra, advice, recommendations and experiences. One thing to note is that they did not become successful just in a night but after many years of hard work and consistency. 


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